Magazine denies advertising for Imperfectu

March 11, 2014    

An advertising agency denied the publication of an ad of Imperfectu: International Film and Gender Studies Festival.

Josefina Mata Zetina, representative of the event, said that the festival’s team approached an agency in order to hire the advertising services of an airline’s magazine. Despite the fulfillment of all the design requirements for the publication, the answer was negative.

The team first contacted the advertising agency at the beginning of February; on February 17th their ad, which shows a young man with red lips, was rejected

“What we didn’t like was that they didn’t give us a reason, that they didn’t tell us why they didn’t approve it. We are guessing, because at the beginning they had doubts related to that (transgender issues) and because in the end when I spoke to the lady, she didn’t say it directly, but we (the lady and I) talked about the possibility that it could be that. Just tell us why, since we were going to pay” the festival director said.

The gender studies festival will take place from April 1st to 6th at different locations in Tijuana, such as CECUT, ICBC and CUT: University of Tijuana; it will include lectures from members of Colef, Red Iberoamericana and Centro Binacional de Derechos Humanos.

Furthermore, there will be photo exhibitions, performances, short films, feature films and theater plays.


Source: Milenio