ACNUR: An Opportunity for the Sport


Hodan, a Somali refugee girl of 17, who spent 12 years living in a refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya. Hodan has been raised on this camp, living a life limited by the rules and Islamic traditions. The Kenyan government does not want the refugees to succeed, so they do not allow them to leave the camp, travel or work in Kenya. And for the girls, caught in the camp and enclosed by cultural constraints, they have few opportunities to socialize and develop. Being part of a volleyball team for these girls means that at least they can meet each other and chat. For them, the way to make a change, , you could start with kicking a ball..

  • Where: Sala Carlos Monsiváis, CECUT, Tijuana
  • When: Saturday, April 5th – 1:10 p.m
  • Country: Somalia, 2008
  • Director: Ben Sumners
  • Length: 23 mins
  • Free admission