ACNUR: Maria Eugenia, “I Tell Them To Be Warriors!”


Maria Eugenia Amena Moreno, 33, fled from her hometown of Uraba, Colombia in 2004 after receiving death threats from armed groups. She was forced to abandon her children and live with no support from the community. Eventually, she managed to sneak back into Uraba in disguise to rescue her children. In Cartagena, she began working with an organization called the League of Women, a group that received funding from UNHCR. The group helps displaced women in Colombia recover from trauma and build a new life. UNHCR is also helping with day care centers in the area. Maria Eugenia experienced a fresh blow when her new partner was murdered by armed groups. “It was cruel: I met him. I had healed. And then he was killed… it was too cruel,” she said. Despite everything, she says women must fight for a better life for their children. “I tell them to be warriors!”

  • When: Sunday April 6th, 6:45 pm
  • Where: Sala Carlos Monsivais, CECUT
  • Country:  Colombia, 2011
  • Duration: 4 min.
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Free admission