To Die Standing


 To Die Standing, constructs the raw portrait of a social activist who clings to life by creating his own character, a mexican Che Guevara, determined to fight for his  dignity by recognizing from an early age a degenerative disease that will leave him bedridden for life in a wheelchair. Years later, at the edge of death and convinced for a desire of change, decides to start a personal revolution to make way to the woman that has always carried inside.



  • Where: Sala Carlos Monsiváis, CECUT, Tijuana
  • When: Tuesday, April 1st – 9:00 p.m
  • Duration: 74 min
  • Country: Mexico, 2011
  • Language: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Directed by Jacaranda Correa
  • Rating: PG-13 
  • Free admission