Marcelo Bonfanti: “Beautiful men”


Marcello Bonfanti is an Italian photographer based in Milan. His background includes several commissioned jobs around the world, until the day he got trapped into the world of the drag queens.
Beautiful Men is the name of a video piece that covers faces and adventures of transgender, gay, and drag people around the world. It is a collection that Marcello made to give voice to those who hide from the public. This work covers Beijing, where male actors suppressed then by Mao’s government played the female roles at the Chinese Opera Performances. It also shows the secret reality of Habana, Cuba, where the macho culture and the repression of a regime did not allow the drag queens to perform publicly, developing instead an underground world of illegal parties, dance, and music shows.
Marcello has appeared as a recognized photographer in many publications. Just with this last work on the drag world, Marcello received several awards and recognitions, such as: “Vanity Fair 2013”, “Premio Le Logge 2004”, “Portfolio in Piazza 2004”, “World Press Photo 2005”, “Images Magazine, Paris”,“International Magazine Rome”, “The Triennale Museum Milan”.

  • When: Saturday, April 5th, 2:00 pm
  • Where: ICBC (Instituto Cultural de Baja California)
  • Live streaming