(me llamo Sebastián): Niños Rosados


(me llamo) Sebastián is a Chilean band that was founded by Sebastian Sotomayor. He was born on 10/07/1987 in Santiago de Chile. He’s currently a Bachelor of Music & Sound. The band has 3 recording albums, with “El Hambre” being the newest one where the song “Niños Rosados” is part of the song list.

Its accolades includes 3rd place in the Festival of Song of the Nile  (Children Category , Egypt, 2001), winner at the sitmuch Summit 2012 (Chile, 2012), winner of the Book Fund (Chile, 2014). and has been invited to the festival “Next Stage” (Mexico, 2014) and the  festival LAMC (USA, New York – 2014)

  • When: Sunday, April 6th, 6:15 pm
  • Where: Sala Carlos Monsivais, CECUT
  • Country:  Chile – 2013
  • Length: 4 mins
  • Genre:  Music Video
  • Directors: Victor Almendra
  • Rating: R