Party Imperfectu: The Drama Queers


Los Drama Queers are a five piece dramatic rock orchestra that sounds like nothing you have ever heard before, but can remember from everywhere. Their music ranges from intense contrast to playfull, from dramatic to sensual. …

Their diversity & freedom discourse is shown on stage in a trans-theatrical performatic way: at Mexico’s biggest rock festival (Vive Latino) they had a trumpet, a clown & circus dancing girl, naked bodies and… psychoanalysis.

Their Manifesto reads (yes, they have one and claim a touch of vanity): “My body, my person, could belong to me; at least, a bit more than to society. If I accept that, there is a challenging adventure to drag myself into.” Three years of musical therapy & bloody drama from three women and two men ( a filmmaker, a psychologist, a historian, a philosopher and a specialist in hispanic letters) on cello, violin, four voices, keyboard, guitar, bass & drums.

Throughout 2009-2012, their gigs ranged from important humanitarian events (including the massive Hour of the Planet – Angel of the Independence, Mexico City) to the most important rock venues in México City (Imperial and Foro Alicia) & the largest festivals (Vive Latino 2012, Sonorama 2010 – sharing with Kasabian, Madness, Café Tacuba, Korn, Cypress Hill, El Tri, and many more). Recently the opened up a gig for Molotov.

Los Drama Queers are currently touring while releasing their album “Say Goodbye Or Say Forever”, co-produced with the sonorous artists Lazaro Valiente and Cono, which first single “Make Yourself a Clown” has already been played on many internet and radio stations in Mexico and the USA (National Public Radio). “Fishers”, “I Can’t Feel”, “Solanum” & “Body Squares” also appear as singles of the expected and praised material, filled with memorable songs which you can check out on

  • When: Saturday, April  5th,  9:00 p.m
  • Where: El Tigre Bar
  • Free admission